Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm here...I SWEAR!

I know I haven't been posting on the blog much...  To be honest, I'm kind of over the whole Blogger thing!  So much has been going on in my life...yet so little, if that makes sense?

As of Oct 2014, I am no longer running the Guardians of Freedom Project.  With some changes that came up this last year to my organization, and changes in my personal life, I decided it was time to just be done!  We shipped our last boxes of supplies to Afghanistan and Walter Reed Hospital in DC. My beautiful friend Yael from Treats 4 Our Troops and her amazing little boys were gracious enough to share our shirts with our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed!  I couldn't be more thankful to her!
These past 4 years have been a whirlwind of emotions, and hard work that I did all on my own, and frankly I feel I deserve the break now!  I have met some amazing people whom I am proud to call my Friends, and am Thankful Everyday for them in my life!!!

In other news, my Seabee Brother CM2 David Doerr is expecting his first baby at the end of March.  We found out recently that it is a boy!!!  Woot!  Woot!  We can't wait for little Animal to get here!  The nursery is going to be Kermit the Frog Themed...and I have three projects (shhhh...don't tell them!) in place for the babies room.  Along with a Sailor Jerry Themed Painted High Chair!  Eek!!!  So excited for that one!

My youngest brother MM3 Joshua Doerr is now out of the Navy...he is on inactive reserve.  He is currently living back home in our home town of Moses Lake, WA.  He's been taking a break after 2 back to back deployments and just enjoying life!  He has taken up hunting this year, and seems to be really enjoying it!  I'm not sure what is in store for him the we will just keep an eye on him from here!

As for me...yes I am painting!  You can follow me here on fb(no you don't have to join Facebook to see what I am up too!) Junque Chic 5  I have been playing with my Silhouette machine a lot's been fun learning how it works, and how to make fun new designs!

I will be posting some fun projects on here soon...I promise!  But if you want to see what I am up to on a day to day basis...Facebook is where it's at!!!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fire Damaged to Masculine Chic End Table

I have one of the coolest brother’s in the whole wide world!  Not only is he a Navy Seabee, he’s also in the construction biz and is able to score me some of the coolest pieces!  He was working for a restoration company and was cleaning up a house that had recently suffered a fire.  When he came across this little Art Deco End Table…he knew I could save it and give it a new life!

IMG 0316

The minute I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do with it!  But alas I didn’t get to it right away and it sat in my garage for over a year!  But the other day I had a friend come over and he spotted it!  He immediately fell in love with it, and wanted it asap!  I told him what my plan was for it, and he was on board!  So I dragged it out and went to town!

1609724 554720601295035 1771438346960782105 n

Due to the amount of water damage and smoke damage I had to remove ALL the veneer!  To be honest it came off very easily, which was nice!  After all the veneer was removed I sanded her down smooth.  

995091 554752604625168 3387509568621600955 n

I then gave her 2 coats of primer.  I used a grey primer since I planned to paint her metallic silver and black.  

10603544 554817327952029 6085710457895345434 n

You know it’s a good day when you go to bed with hands like this!  Well in my world it is!

10268438 555024087931353 6519091379924501788 n10405389 555053361261759 3312784562220929931 n

I painted the outside case with Modern Masters Metallic Silver.  I gave it 3 coats…but 2 would have done it.   I then painted the base and inside areas in a nice black from Behr called Onyx. 

10606206 555075624592866 7597860525591455976 nAfter the 3 coats of silver I broke out the black glaze.   I brushed it on…and wiped it off for an aged patina look.  Since I removed the veneer the wood underneath had just the right amount of knick’s and gouges to help give it an nice aged look.

1798661 558385460928549 3939908807057525301 n

I had to rebuild the base for the bottom cabinet…as it was badly water damaged.  

10672195 558890320878063 3853957942236314806 n

I painted the outside framework in the same black…this required only 2 coats.  

10712822 558437994256629 5944583807246573497 n

I love the glaze over the metallic!  Sooooo pretty!

IMG 0307

Eek…it turned out so cool!

IMG 0312

I primed and painted the original hardware to match.  I then sealed the entire piece with 3 coats of polycrylic.

IMG 0315

There was so much attention on this little table!  I had 5 people contact me about purchasing it!  But alas my friend came and got it ASAP!  He LOVES it!

IMG 0317

Just a quick recap…  Fire Damaged to Masculine Chic!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Playing with my Silhouette Cameo

My hubby bought me this Silhouette Cameo a couple of years ago.  I haven’t really used it to much, because my room was sooo chaotic that there really was no room to work with it!  But since I reorganized the room, I can now use it with ease!  So the other day I broke it out and started cutting some fun stuff!  I decided to make some gifts to try her out!

10649620 549279798505782 4877446251950679892 n

I cute some 12” x 12” squares and painted half of them in Eden Green from Rust O’leum…and stained the rest in a nice dark hickory stain.

10447158 552855031481592 2794513923041445312 n

I then cut out my sayings…  Seahawks are popular right now…so I went to town on making some of these!

10671306 551746064925822 8612495191888177043 n

I haven’t mastered layering yet…one step at a time!  But here is the sign in just white on the green!

6804 553684158065346 1120038461075291999 n

I also used some contact paper and made a couple and put them on the stained wood.  I then spray painted over it and peeled it up.  I love how it turned out!  I am still working on Seahawks stuff…so stay tuned for more fun pieces!

IMG 0286

I used a drawer front and made a cute sign for my neighbor lady.  We have a weekly wine night on her front porch during the summer and I thought this would make a nice gift to say Thanks!

IMG 0280

But my favorite was the “Look Like a Lady” plaque.  I made this as a birthday gift for a sweet friend of mine who is going to law school…and she just happens to love shooting!  I used a simple cupboard door and mounted the vinyl directly to the door.  Needless to say she was thrilled!

10653621 550493751717720 7934122406598530394 n


I spent a week in bed sick…and am just now feeling sort of normal!  I will be posting some new and fun creations!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ugly End Table Now Pretty Cork Board

Remember this wonky little table that I used the base for the Box Table?  Well the frame on the top was solid and I knew I could give it a new life.  

IMG 2908

I sanded it a bit and gave it three coats of Miss Mustard Seeds Luckett’s Green Milk Paint.  BTW…this is my new favorite color and I am trying to figure out how to paint my walls in this color!  I also sealed it with a couple of coats of poly.

10407987 544567098977052 5102749420466363574 n 1

I cut a piece of cork board and covered it in the fabric that I used on my dining room table chairs seen here...

IMG 0250

A quick Before and After!

IMG 0252


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let School Begin!


In honor of the first day of school, I thought I would share my clients project with you.  My client is a pre-school teacher and needed some extra chairs for her classroom.  

10561680 540087312758364 8269482567813514838 n

They had good bones, but had seen better days in red!  The larger chair needed some TLC to the top rung…I’m not sure what happened.  So I went to the automotive store and bought some car Bondo.  My hubby who had used the bondo before showed me how to use it.  Let me tell you, there was a lot of sanding!  

10351525 540872062679889 1945438225777540457 n

After stripping the red paint and sanding her down, I gave the little chair a coat of primer and 2 coats of a bright sunny yellow!  I then glued letters and shapes to the top rung.  But wasn’t a fan of them…so I took them off!

IMG 0229

I then gave the seat a couple of coats of white, and distressed the entire chair. 

1545668 546060158827746 7404920383607936609 n

Not sure why I didn’t get pics of the Bondo job…but you get the gist of what I did.  I then primed and painted it in a soft blue, and did the white stripe.  I read somewhere that yellow and blue were calming colors and inspired learning.  Let’s hope so!  

Because the top rung wasn’t 100% perfect I decided to cover it up.  I found my book of old atlases and cut out one of the most colorful ones!  I deco pauged it on the top rung…then distressed the entire chair!  Love it!

10311000 547064722060623 2179877914606102768 n

I loved how they turned out!  I think the maps give it a bit of whimsy!  

10552355 547413758692386 1914987956063277822 n

I hope they have many more years of use and love!!!!








Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Grandma's Frame

When my brother came to visit last week, he brought me this frame from my Grandma’s Stock Pile of things she plans to get too!  It definitely has seen better days!  The burlap was glue directly to a wooden board, so I am not sure what it’s purpose was…my guess was there was something attached to it.  I loved the shape, and wanted to make a cork board for my work space out of it.  

IMG 0204

I bought some of Miss Mustard Seed’s Sample Sized Milk Paint Packets…and figured this was as good of time as any to try them out.  So I mixed up a batch of Luckett’s Green…let me tell you, this stuff will mess with your head!  The powder is yellow until mixed with water.  Than it became the perfect soft minty green…but if the paint settles in the jar it looks dark teal!  Bizarre!  Note to self…stir, stir, stir!


3 coats of Luckett’s Green and the natural chippiness occurred only on a few spots…which I was fine with.  I then coated it in some polycrylic.


I used the original board, and removed the burlap.  I then glued these cork squares that my other brother brought me awhile back.  They were perfect, and only needed a little bit of trimming.  I used my Dremel Saw-Max to do this…Quick and Simple!


I then covered the cork with simple painters drop cloth.  I attached a wire to the inside of the frame so I can use mini clothes pins…which I LOVE!  

I used my Primary Words Cards from the 60’s that I got at a junk shop years ago to dress it up!  I loved how it turned out!


A quick Before and After...

IMG 0209

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A box and a dream!

I bought this wonky little table last year sometime at a local thrift shop.  It’s been in the garage ever sense.  The top has seen better days!  But I love the legs on her!  The box was picked up at Hobby Lobby for 80% off!  It had a chunk missing on the lid…you can kind of see it on the far corner.

10569057 534727146627714 6636569741780510976 n

I dismantled the top off the table and reinforced the frame on the table.  I painted the entire thing a soft cream color.

10520888 534778376622591 1925459890095672345 n

After attaching the box to the top, I decided to add some molding to give it a more finished look.

6777 535160663251029 3096330004410692691 n

Much better...

I then painted her with green ticking stripes…I love ticking stripes!

10373511 536498436450585 2503644178388352323 n

Simon Barker has developed a hoarding problem in my work room lately...

10524731 534765959957166 5175455858115651067 n

I picked out the hardware that I wanted to attach to the sides of the box.

10386294 536457259788036 5053234425424825588 n

I cleaned and painted them green.

10519183 539751526125276 3610172417452884154 n

Notice the toys piling up in my work room?  Hoarder!  I love how the little end table turned out!  

10313832 536560896444339 4530314971229520331 n

10569057 534727146627714 6636569741780510976 n



















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