Monday, July 7, 2014


I dug out this rather plain looking cupboard door the other day.  I wanted to do something rather Patriotic with it, in honor of the 4th of July!

IMG 0164

I gave it three coats of white paint with primer…stuff I had on hand.

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Then using my Sihouette I cut out the word “freedom”.  I wanted it to be a fancy script…sorry I don’t remember the font name.

10404084 521192387981190 2843001139645358996 n

 Well turns out the paint I had used was really old…and decided to peal off on me!  I wanted to cry!  My whole plan to paint it like a flag where dashed!  So I sat there and stared off in space for about 30 mins…and then my eyes finally landed on a pile of scrap book paper I keep around to send fun notes to my brothers when they are deployed!

10455844 521212797979149 4698320132480946457 n

I spotted the 2 different pages of stars and stripes…and figured why not!  I started ripping them up…but the pieces were to big…so ripped some more!  I then deco podged them to the outer boarder of the frame. 

10402625 521254194641676 2064723277281853613 n

After they dried I gave it a coat of black gel stain!  SCORE!  It antiqued the paper perfectly! I put it outside to dry for a few hours…and my hubby decided to wash the car…so water went all over it!  UGH!  I think this project is cursed!  

IMG 6274

So another coat of black gel stain…and he can deal with the smell as it dries INSIDE the house!   I then painted the center an antique silver and added red stripes.

10458347 522031674563928 5190032635973491524 n

After they all dried I pulled the tape, and peeled the vinyl lettering off.  I then sanded the stripes for a distressed aged look…another coat of black gel stain…and Viola!  It’s finished! 

10268564 522039467896482 8706846358006504106 n

 It is not what I envisioned…but I think it’s better!  Sometimes things just work out that way!.  My parents came to visit for the holiday weekend, and guess who the freedom sign went home with!  Enjoy!

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Remember to Thank a Vet for your Freedom…EVERY chance you get!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy...Busy...Busy...Oh who am I kidding?

 Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted.  The last week of April and first week of May(13 days total) brought about the 4th Annual Carnival for the Troops!  4 years…wow…  If you want more info check out

Aside from that, I have been dealing with some personal issues…and battling the weather, since I decided to spray the 4 dining chairs! On top of getting Simon Barker and Guinness neutered!  
We were the house with back to back cone of shames!

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Yes, he was stuck like that for quite awhile.  Dobies don’t have a back up mode in the cone of shame!


I finished my dining room table and chairs today.  This is the first project I have finished for myself, since Simon Barkers Bed…which was more for him, than me.  

Here is a recap...

I got this claw footed table from a friend via a craigslist ad that I placed.  

1982016 481574635276299 798127047 n

Again, sorry I didn’t get a before of the table…not sure why.  Someone had spray painted the top a high gloss white…not so pretty!  So I stripped it, sanded, and stained it.  I then painted and glazed the skirting and base.

IMG 0147

IMG 0148


After the table sat completed for weeks…I finally got to the 4 dining chairs that I bought over 5 years ago! 


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I just knew with all that detail these chairs would look awesome!  So I painted and glazed them, and recovered the seats!

IMG 5966

IMG 5967

IMG 5805

Fabric I chose to recover the seats in!

Since I have really bad pain in my hands, I dreaded dragging out my staple gun to recover the seats…so I took my Home Depot Gift Cards from Christmas and my Birthday and I bought this...

1656384 494418090658620 4951307383744449028 n

One of my most brilliant moves year to date!  I breezed through recovering the chairs and my hands were fine!  Woot! Woot! Woot!

Ta Da!  Didn’t the chairs turn out pretty?  The hubby says he even likes them…even though I painted over the wood!

10176231 508258759274553 8907655378032406414 n 1

IMG 0144


And here she is all done!  I feel like such a grown up…with my finished dining room table and chairs!  That all match!


So on this day of Memoriam for those who Sacrificed Everything for me I say Thank You!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

New (To Me) Dining Table...A Work in Progress

I have been on the search for the most perfect dining table for over 10 years.  We have a small dining space…so it has been quite the challenge.  
When my husband and I first started living together 10 years ago, I moved into his bachelor pad.  He had this type of table…(photo is not the actual table, but one just like it).  

I was never a big fan of this yellow farm style table that really didn’t fit the space.  I was always banging my hips into the corners and well let’s just say it was a nightmare!  So for some reason we ended up trading it to my Grandma for her Duncan Phyfe Knock Off Table, Chairs, and Buffet…like this (again not the actual pic of the table…mine was in much worse condition then this one!).
Duncan phyfe table before l

After dealing with yet another awkward fitting table, we decided to go furniture shopping and find a round table…since it was right before Thanksgiving we were in a hurry so we bought the first round table we saw!  But along with that hasty decision came drama in the form of the chairs!  They had a curved back…as seen below (actual chairs…sorry it was a Thanksgiving Dinner with the family and we don’t post pics of our kids online).
134903 488662057067 6668162 o

So as you can see those round metal parts on the curved top of the chair…well those were exactly at little kid forehead height!  I can’t tell you how many times my son, family, and his friends had bruises on there foreheads from walking into those chairs!  So they of course were the first to go!  I gave them to a good friend of mine, who uses them on her patio!
The table wasn’t the best of qualities either...
1506394 481557748611321 151932362 n

I had to refinish it with in 6 months of using it…I think the top was pine as you would barely touch it and it would get a dent in it.  I finally gave up on it when the kid started going to school and doing his homework on it!  Yes you could read the writing in the wood!  So I started doing projects on it…which made more scratches and gouges in the wood!  It even had paint and stain on it in spots.
I finally replaced the chairs with 4 of these…Yes that is a Simon Barker Butt in the kitchen!
538031 483199308447165 2049622228 n

I recovered the seats from the gross material that was on them…I had planned to paint the chairs green, I thought they would look great with the black and white…but life got in the way and well the chairs got put on the back burner.  Until now…well almost...
Well I have had a bug up my butt to get a new dining table!  I finally put an ad out on Craigslist with some concept pics.  I was really wanting an old oak claw footed round dining table with a leaf!  
A friend saw the ad not knowing it was me…and sent me this pic...
1982016 481574635276299 798127047 n

I was instantly SOLD!  She told me that someone had spray painted the top in a high glass white…but they did not do a good job!  Well since I had planned to paint and redo the table I didn’t mind…smh!  
1902986 482254831874946 647448459 n

I took the table apart and brought the base in the house!  Oh and I sold the other table before I could finish this table…so the kid is eating at the coffee table these days!  
1959725 482332258533870 304164896 n

I gave it three coats of cream paint…I know, I know, she painted the oak!  Yeah…get over it!
1939797 483183748448721 447444823 n

I then glazed it with a custom color...
1902848 483438948423201 474861368 n

Eek!  I am loving it so far!
As that dried I went to work on the table top!  Since it was spray painted, and my ultimate goal was for it to have a finished wood top I began stripping her down…3 layers (it was cream under the high gloss white).
1797579 482600121840417 451391077 n

After 4 hours of stripping I got down to this!  I then hand sanded her…sorry I didn’t get a pic of that!988401 482643365169426 1673944318 n

After 2 coats cream on the skirting and  2 coats of Dark Walnut Stain…I am here…  At a bit of a stand still!  I need to sand the top coat and give it a couple more coats of stain, and glaze the skirting. But the weather hasn’t been cooperating and well…the Hubby refuses to let me stain in the house(something about the smell and our health, blah blah blah!).  
1510625 483129351787494 351859255 n

So here is the plan once the weather get’s it’s act together…lightly sand the table top, and give it 2-3 more coats of stain!  Glaze the skirting on the table top.  Seal the entire table!  Put it back together in the dining room!  Then it is on to the chairs…they will be the same cream with glaze finish!  I promise!  Plus new material on the seats!  I am thinking oil cloth since I have a teenager and his friends!  
Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Door Turned Headboard

Do you remember these end tables from last year?  End Tables Link
In her home...
1378315 421720097928420 660177144 n

My client wanted me to find a headboard to go with it.  We discussed the styles she wanted and concluded that she wanted an old wooden door.  Well as luck would have it, my brother brought me another treasure!  And it was the perfect size!  I cleaned her up and got busy making her beautiful!

I painted the framework of the door French Linen and the Panels and Top Crown Moulding the same Cream.  I then gave it all a good coat of dark wax.
1897998 478583992242030 1364191526 n

Before and After! I can’t wait to see it all together!

Page 1

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coffee Table Renewed...

My client brought me her old green shabby chic coffee table that she has had for some time.  Now this was not the original color green, the original color was more of a forest green…someone had painted it this olive green and distressed it a lot!

907071 722384597795683 885095143 n

She wanted to keep the Shabby Chic look…but wanted updated and lighter to help make the room bigger, as she doesn’t get much light in that room.  I painted it 3 coats of cream…due to the size of it I had to paint it on my kitchen table.

IMG 5384

After 3 coats of cream!  It looks stunning already!

IMG 5385

 To maintain the shabby chic look, I went ahead with some AS Dark Wax. 

IMG 5397

  I made sure to fill in every nook and cranny!  I wanted this little lady to look old and well loved!

IMG 5393

 I love this edge!

IMG 5395

 Here is the base all done!  Notice the really awesome Christmas gift I got from my Hubby!  12” Miter Saw with Stand!  I am so excited to use this!

IMG 5399

 I started on the drawers next!  Since she plans to line them with fabric I did have to paint the bottom.  This is the top drawer, that can be seen through the glass top.

IMG 5403

 Since she is lining the bottom, I went ahead and waxed the sides….

IMG 5404

Here she is all done!  Simon Barker is of course in the photo…he is never far from my side!

IMG 5405

 All done and back home where she belongs!  What do you think?  It makes a huge difference in that room!  So much classier than the green was!

IMG 5414


Before & After


IMG 5417