Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paint, Paper, Baby, and Simon Barker!

So I have been pretty busy, which explains why I haven’t posted lately.  So here are some highlights of what I have been up too!

My client brought me this wonky poorly painted grey table.  She hated the scrolls on it, as it made it look to Asian for her tastes.  And frankly the color just did not work in her home!   

IMG 2463

I removed the scrolls and reinforced the table.  I then sanded and removed all the paint brush hairs the previous painter left behind…so gross!  Since the scrolls were structural I had to replace them with something…so I had my client pick up 4 black Shelf Brackets for $6 each and attached them to the table in place of the scrolls.  


She went from Shabby Chic to Classy Black in just a matter of days!  I can’t wait to see a pic of it decorated!


I thought I would share some Happy Baby pics, because really who doesn’t love a Happy Baby?  Harrison is a big giggler and all around silly boy, just like his Daddy!  He is 2.5 months old now and growing like a weed!  


2nd project wasn’t really a paint project so to speak.  My client/hair stylist asked me to fix some structural issues on this dresser and replace the hardware.  Since the original hardware was painted in place, I had to remove and wood putty, sand, repaint, and antique the drawer fronts before adding the new(old) hardware she picked from my stash.

IMG 6492

From Blah to WOW!  In just a few short days!  I oiled the top to give it a richer finish as well.  The inside of the drawers were fixed and painted a soft cream to give them a clean finished look!

IMG 3144

Doesn’t she look great!  Perfect for a Salon named Vintage Hair Boutique!

IMG 3148

On another note…how cute is my Simon Barker?  I can honestly say I have never loved a dog so much in all my life!  He is such a joy to me…even when he is a pain in the butt! 

IMG 2205

For my friends birthday I thought I would get on the paper rose bandwagon!  This was a one time trip, let me tell you!  After creating this fun little project I promptly got off the paper rose bandwagon…never to return!

11221715 649605501806544 6080909638477520122 n

For this project I grabbed an old cabinet door and added some stain around the edges.  I then adhered a plaque with a fun quote to the front of the door!  I love how it turned out!

11017664 10153363723967068 6005626625381642905 n

 Using the same quote I created a PVPP sign…This one took a few weeks to complete because I had to cut each little piece out of the paint with my exact-o knife!  Fun!  NOT!


And now for another cute, happy baby pic!  I love this little man so much!



I have been busy creating paper banners for a client who’s son graduated ROTC as well as the University of Washington this year!  

ROTC Grad BannerNewImage

U of W Banner…one of my favorites!NewImage

Another client brought me 2 old unfinished windows.  The first one I removed the screws on the brackets(I think these were doors to a cabinet at one time and the brackets were on the inside for decorations.  I painted it white, and added decorative nail heads to the screw holes…  I then applied vinyl to the glass.  

The 2nd one I removed the brackets for a cleaner look and painted it black.  I added the quote in white vinyl.NewImage

Another Banner I just designed.  This is the computer rendering of the design...


Here is the banner actually done…I love how it turned out!

IMG 3154FullSizeRender

After all that hard work…my amazing client and friend gave us the use of her lake home for a week!  So the Hubby and I took Simon Barker only and had the most amazing vacation!  We stayed at Badger Lake which is the bluest, clearest, warmest, lake I have ever been too!  I loved it there…so don’t be surprised when I move there!  It’s amazing!  Simon Barker loved it too!  


Well that was the wrap up of 2 months worth of work…now onto a summer full of projects!  Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

French Love in Gold!!!! I'm in LOVE!

I bought this giant piece of art work at a local yard sale…specifically for the frame alone!  It needed a bit of TLC, as the gold part must has been covered in a green felt before and there were holes in that as well.  

I loved the giant size of this but was unsure as to what to do with the canvas as there was a 3” rip in it!  So after staring at it since October of last year, I decided to make another I LOVE You More Sign, but this time in brighter colors!  

IMG 2211

After I dismantled the frame from the canvas I painted it a soft gold…which I didn’t feel was the right shade of gold.  3 different shades of gold later I ended up with this…which was very pretty and bright, like I wanted.


I then went over the gold with a Dark Walnut stain from Min-Wax.  I love how the stain settles into the dings and dents of this old frame along with the grooves!  It gives it that beautiful aged look I was going after.


I then started working on the canvas.  First I patched the rip with some glue and since it was a textured painting already I went ahead and globbed it on with an artist spatula.  I then primed and base coated the canvas in a dark antique metallic gold(darker than the frame).  Once that was dry I applied the same contact paper that I did in the previous I Love You Sign.  Once that was sealed and painted over and dry, I peeled it up to reveal this!


Once everything was dry and sealed I put it all back together again!


This lady is stunning and she is large, measuring in at  42”x34”!  Have I mentioned I’m in LOVE?  Both my son and I agree we like her better than the Black one I did previously!  So we are keeping her and selling the black one!  

Just a recap of the before and after!  


Thursday, April 9, 2015

French for Love...

I saw this quote on a sign in one of my favorite decor shops in Yakima WA.  If you haven’t been to The Garden Girl…you have to go!!!!  It’s small and quaint and loaded with design possibilities!  But if you know me, you know I am cheap…and not willing to pay for something that I know I can make for myself!  And I wanted this for myself!
10289852 890933580932365 3277558280241107770 n
 I picked up this picture at a local Goodwill a few weeks ago!  I LOVED the Beading on the frame!  The pic…not so much!
IMG 1487
 When I took it apart I found the coolest thing inside!  It was lined with a news paper from Chicago on Nov 17, 1960!
 The ads are hysterical!  I saved it, as I plan to use it on another project in the future!
IMG 1490
 I then primed the original print and gave it 2 coats of white paint, and dry brushed a tan over it to antique it.
IMG 1493
I love the texture these old prints have!  They just add to the art!
IMG 1492
 I then used my Silhouette and cut shelf paper in the quote I wanted!  I also taped off the edges to give it a matted look!
IMG 1500
 I painted the entire thing black over all the lettering after I gave it a coat of mode-podge to seal the letters.  
IMG 1501
 While that was drying I painted the frame in ASCP Graphite and coated it in dark wax.
IMG 1502
 I then sanded the art before removing the letters and tape!  I wanted it to have a distressed look like the one at the store.
IMG 1510
She is large and hanging in my entryway!  That’s right!  I made her just for me!!!  And I LOVE her!!!
IMG 1511
Before and After!  Total cost $11 vs. $475!  
IMG 1517

Monday, March 23, 2015

Harrison is HERE!!!!

It’s a Boy!  

Harrison Robert Charles Doerr the Worlds Cutest Nephew!!!!

Born March 20th, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and measuring 20.5” Tall!  

He’s a big boy like his Daddy!

IMG 1780

First Family Photo!  


Kisses from Mommy!


Proud Daddy!


Such an amazing little man!


The night before he was born I dreamed about him…I dreamed he would have a lot of hair…looks like my dreams do come true!

IMG 0906

He had a bit of a rough start, and some jaundice so he is spending some time in the NICU with his own personal Grow Light as we call it!  

This was the first time I got to meet him.  I touched his face and we opened his eyes so wide to look at me…I told him Auntie was here…I think he knew my voice!

IMG 1790

I have called him Animal (From the Muppets) since I first knew about him...

IMG 0631

Looks like it’s fitting…with all that crazy hair!

IMG 0633

 Welcome to the world little man…you are so loved by so many!  

I can’t wait to get to know you and see what an incredible little man you'll become!

 Auntie Loves You Always and Forever!NewImage


Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Journey...

I rarely post pics of myself for one reason…I’m fat…and uncomfortable with myself!  I’ve been over weight my whole life…and come from a line of women and men who are obese on both sides of my family.  Well back in Aug 2014 my weight hit an all time high of 265lbs.  UGH!  I didn’t know what to do…Below is a pic of my with my brother Josh (The skinny one in the family) in Aug 2014.

10517308 10204577920071937 688068450239722543 o 1

I knew I had to do something, so I first started walking with my neighbor…it was slow going as first(She is in shape and I am not…so she had to slow her pace for me for awhile).  And by Oct I had gotten down to 252.8lbs on my own.  But I still wasn’t doing things right.  So taking inspiration from my neighbor who lost 92lbs, and support from my Hubby I started the Ideal Protein Program.  I started at 252.8lbs (size I am in the pic) on Oct 3, 2014.  Now keep in mind, I am short at 5’ 3.5” tall.  Yes I stretch that half inch for all it’s worth!

Wither amy BEFOER

Yesterday I made my first milestone!  51.2lbs GONE!  Friday the 13th was good for me!  I still have a lot of weight to go…but this is huge!  I down from a size 22 to a size 14 now!  Almost to small to shop at the Fat Lady Stores as my family calls Lane Bryant and Catherine’s!  Pic below is me yesterday at 201.2lbs.  

Withers amy 50

I was raised with 3 cousins…we were like sisters growing up.  I was always the biggest of the the 4 of us.  This photo was taken in 2009 at my Papa’s 90th Birthday Party.  I was in the 230lbs (I think) then.  So fast forward 5 yrs and I put on 30lbs…ugh!

272882 2133267902231 323912 o

We took this photo last month on the 28th of Feb at my Bro and Sis Baby Shower!  Look!  I’m not the biggest in the group anymore!  Sorry Cuz!  

11025714 10203908137559059 380779425217575382 n

Just a recap of a before and after!  51lbs GONE!  

IMG 1624 10

I had to share this pic with my Bro’s!  Josh making his goofy face as usual!  

11052506 10153137476667068 681805441284078824 n


So I wanted to say, the Ideal Protein Program is Doctor Monitored, and it works!  It is not a fad diet!  It is a program that teaches you how and what to eat!  It is a 4 phase program that for me is supper easy to follow!  Bonus you get CHOCOLATE!  And it’s good too!  The food is great and requires little to no additions!  Some of my favorite things are the Cappuccino Drink, Chocolate Drink (which I ad 1/4 Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk to for a Chocolate Milk), Chicken Soup, the BBQ Crisps, and the Triple Chocolate Wafers! Normally I wait for my hubby to cook our meals, and they are usually at 9pm at night and I am starved so I over eat!  Well I have taken control of my diet on this!  I make my meals, and schedule, that way I am not reliant on him and accountable to only myself!  Which is something new for me!

My husband has been incredibly supportive of me through this whole process!  And I am so thankful for that!

So if you haven’t taken the leap to get the weight off…I suggest you do so now!  I will post more updates as I go along!